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Development Setup

Current platform:Windows| Not your platform?LinuxmacOS

Install third party software

1. Download and install the latest version of Node.js.

2. Download and install the latest version of Git.


Before you begin

Before you begin working with mimik’s edgeEngine and building microservices. Ensure you have these programs loaded and running on your computer.

Developer Account

1. Create a mimik developer account here.


2. Sign in to the mimik developer console.

3. In the mimik developer console, click Create Project.

4. Enter a Project Name and upload a logo image if you want to use your own Project Logo.
5. Create the project with the auto-generated Redirect URI, or enter your own.
Authorize Platform

Important: Before opening the mimik Developer Console (portal or console), make sure you have the following programs running on your computer

1. Open your terminal, install mimik edge CLI tool.

npm install -g @mimik/mimik-edge-cli

2. Login from the developer console and select the edgeEngine project that you have created from previous step.

3. Click “Get ID Token” and copy the ID token you received.

4. On your terminal, run the following command with your ID token (replace <–id token–>) and Copy the edge Access Token you get.

mimik-edge-cli account get-edge-access-token -t <--id token-->

Example response:

5. From your terminal, run the following command with your edge Access Token (replace <–edge access token–>) and your device will be associated.

mimik-edge-cli account associate -t <--edge access token-->

Example response:

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