mimik Serverless Concepts

Traditional microservice development requires developer to consider many concerns related to HTTP server, such as how to deploy a server, which port to use, etc. In order to simplify the process, mimik provides a serverless environment for edgeSDK based microservice development. The edgeSDK takes care of web server deployment and all concerns related to the servers. Developers only need to design the logics of processing HTTP requests and responses. That is why in the IT community, we call this serverless programming.

Programming Model

To start, you supply a callback functions, and you give it to mimikModule.exports. The callback function must have the following parameters.

                  mimikModule.exports = function(context, request, response) {
                    response.statusCode = 200;
                    response.end('<h1>Hello World</h1>');

This gives you full control on HTTP request and response. This is a context to mimik serverless programming environment. Please refer to the API reference for more information.