Account Association

This instruction guide will cover how to install the OAuth-tool application. Use this tool if you want to quickly test out the edgeSDK functionality without implementing any developmental process to associate your account with the edgeSDK runtime.

Note: The access token generated with this tool should not be used in your production environments. It is for development only.

Refer to the source code of PC, Android and iOS Example App for inspiration on how to implement the account association functionality in your applications.




Use your computer to download OAuth tool from the following links:

You can run the OAuth tool by directly running the downloaded executable.

Or, you can run OAuth tool using following commands in terminal of Linux or macOS:

For macOS:


For linux-Ubuntu:


OAuth tool will run automatically after the installation is completed.

Starting edgeSDK

If you have not downloaded edgeSDK, please go to mimik's GitHub page to download the edgeSDK for your development platform.

After you have downloaded edgeSDK, you can direct to the following section of this guide for installation and running edgeSDK on the following platforms:

Please visit this page again after you have successfully started edgeSDK.

Using OAuth tool

A Screen Shot of OAuth tool.

How to use:

In the Client ID text field, enter the Application ID for your application shown in the mimik Developer Portal.

In Redirect URI text field, enter the Redirect URI for your application shown in the mimik Developer Portal and tap on Setup Ridirect and then Get Edge Token.

Allow the authorization message when prompted. Keep the new access Token somewhere you can easily reference as it is needed for the next steps.

If you need to unassoicate the device from your developer account, you need to enter the Device's IP address to get the unassoicate Edge Token.

Attention: This way of extracting edgeSDK token is only recommended during application or edgeSDK microservices development phases, otherwise, it is recommended to checkout mimik's application wrapper of each platform for fast implementation of device association. These wrappers are embedded inside the example app. Read More