Development Quick Start Guide

1. Getting ready for development

Hint: You will need an edgeSDK token in order to test, deploy and export edgeSDK microservices on edgeSDK during development.

2. Developing microservices

Hint: After deployment, you can test your microservice by making HTTP requests to localhost:8083 on your local machine.

3. Developing mobile applications with edgeSDK and microservices

  • Find mimik's edgeSDK example app under example directory of the same repository that you have previously cloned (Pt.2)
  • Use the example app as template for development.
  • App wrappers are located under mimik's GitHub repository or maven repository.
  • Hint: App wrapper will help you wrap your applications with edgeSDK, including authentication and operational such as microservice deployment.

For iOS development:
They are cocoapod package for iOS:

For Android development:
It is a gradle package under a maven repository:

  • for authentication : com.mimik.edgesdk-android-client:edgeappauth:0.1.12
  • for operations: com.mimik.edgesdk-android-client:edgeappops:0.1.16
  • for integration, user needs to install mimik edge service from Google Play Store; the developer can choose to prompt a redirection to Google Play Store if edgeSDK is not detected upon starting the application.

Hint: There is an edgeSDK detection function under edgeappops wrapper. Read through the wrapper's detailed in-the-code documentation and start developing

4. Developing desktop applications with edgeSDK and microservices ( for MAC, Linux, Windows, QNX and Raspbian platforms )

  • Find mimik's edgeSDK example PC app under example directory of the same repository that you have previously cloned (Pt.2)
  • You can choose to follow the example PC app as a template for development which uses Electron (JavaScript) or other programming languages that is suitable for your targeted OS.
  • Go through the JSONRPC APIs to understand how can desktop applications communicate with edgeSDK to perform authentication, operations and integrations.