How to run edgeSDK on macOS

These instructions will walk you through getting the edgeSDK running on macOS.

Hardware Requirements

This guide assumes that:

  • You are running macOS computer or laptop
  • You have a wired or wireless internet connection


1. Download the latest Edge.Daemon.pkg for macOS from our github page.

2. Once the download is complete, open the package and follow the on screen instructions.

3. When the installation is finished, edge will be running as a service in the background.

4. You can check to see that it's running by opening Activity Monitor and searching for "edge".

You can use the curl command provided below in a terminal window and be able to see the following screen log:

curl -i http://localhost:8083/mds/v1/nodes

In the first couple of lines of the log, you see the access method e.g. Get, Post, Delete etc. As you see this log is a JSON file that shows the encrypted information about the current node.

5. OPTIONAL: If you don't see edgeSDK running after installation, please check the default install location: /Library/mimik and run edgeSDK with:


Account association

Follow this account association guide to link your Developer Account to your edgeSDK. That allows you to discover and make calls to devices that is not limited to your local network.