Multi-Platform Support

mimik edgeSDK provides edge-cloud computing solutions for variety of platforms:

  • Android (8.0+)
  • iOS (10.2+)
  • Linux - Ubuntu (14.04+)
  • Linux - Debian
  • Linux - Raspbian (8.0+)
  • mac OS X (El Capitan+)
  • Windows (7+)

Please check this page for detailed information.

However, the process of installing edgeSDK on a development machine is platform-dependent. Currently, edgeSDK supports application development on three major operating systems. They are Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

Other operating systems such as iOS and Android can run edgeSDK as well. But they are not suitable for microservice developments, so we are skipping them over in the following tutorial. The executable version of edgeSDK can be downloaded from mimik's GitHub repository mimikgit/edgeSDK.


On the GitHub page, we need to find the latest version of edgeSDK under the 'Releases' section and then download the archive file corresponds to the target development platform.

A Screen Shot of GitHub Download Page.

After we have downloaded the file, we open the file explorer and navigate to the directory where we have saved the file. We must extract the archive file to get the executable inside the archive. We have a series of detailed instructions on how to extract, install and run edgeSDK on Linux, Windows and macOS platforms. Please redirect to the following links and follow along the instructions to start your development: