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unleash the power of hybrid edgeCloud platform

What is the edgeEngine?

The mimik edgeEngine is a downloadable runtime software engine. The engine works on any edge device (OS) across any Network and communicates with any Cloud. It enables the edge devices to act as cloud servers.  Using the edgeEngine, you  can process data closest to the application demand and therefore reducing infrastructure cost, latency and application delivery cost while increasing data security and privacy.

Why mimik edgeEngine?

Traditional backend development requires developers to spend a considerable amount of time maintaining and scaling a server. To simplify the process, mimik provides a serverless environment for edge microservices to use at runtime.

Using the edgeEngine, you can add server capability to any edge device with basic computing capabilities such as smartphonesPCsset-top-boxesresidential and IoT gatewaysgame consoles connected TVs, car infotainment systems, industrial sensors, and many more. 

You can deploy your own set of microservices at the edge or use mimik’s ready to deploy microservices to implement edge computing solutions.

By integrating mimik edge microservices, you can reduce infrastructure costs, eliminate latency, and increase data security.

How does edgeEngine work ?

edgeEngine, an application-level SDK,  adds server capability to any app and computing device and combines the benefits of a centralized cloud architecture with the edge cloud.

You can build and maintain applications faster, with better data privacy, and at a fraction of hosting costs while enabling experiences only possible with an edge-based approach.

Components & Features

Serverless microservices

Develop your own microservices  or deploy with a rich suite of existing edge microservices

  • Deploy microservices on edge devices and manage them remotely.
  • API Gateway is included within edgeEngine .
  • Develop your microservices in JavaScript.
  • Discover and connect to microservices on other devices with edgeEngine.
  • edgeEngine applications control where microservices run.
  • Many existing microservices available to developers.

mimik's lightweight container

Expose the computing capabilities of edge devices through a lightweight container.

  • Runtime environment for microservices.
  • Easy integration into existing apps through RESTful APIs.
  • Load, start, and stop microservice instances.
  • Container environment available for Android, iOS and Raspian as well as desktop operating systems.
  • Program in JavaScript
  • APIs compatible with Docker


Take advantage of clustering functions in IoT and related industries.

  • Global discovery of other devices with edgeEngine.
  • Peer-to-peer networking without the hassle of network drivers or protocol programming
  • Secure communication between microservices locally or globally.
  • Connect with other edgeEngine enabled devices in a local cluster or across different clusters of nodes independent of network topology.


Download, Deploy and integrate edgeEngine and associated services seamlessly.

  • Downloadable edgeEngine and documentation.
  • Discovering  devices that are on same network, within proximity, and belong to the same account.
  • Provides a light container as a runtime environment for serverless microservices.
  • Provides six layers of security including 128 bit encryption and 256-bit key
  • small storage and memory footprint.
edgeEngine Use Cases
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Automotive and Smart Cities

Why send all the data back to servers back to central cloud when the hybrid edge cloud platform can enable all computing devices to act as cloud servers? The platform uses an application-level SDK to add server capability to any app and/or computing device and combines the benefits of centralized cloud architecture with edge cloud. Enterprises can build and maintain applications faster, with better data privacy, and at fraction of hosting costs while enabling experiences only possible with an edge-based approach. 

•Context-aware Vehicle-2-Vehicle and Vehicle-2-Node smart connectivity
•Real-time decision making and action dispatching
•Monetization with contextual media content push 

Private media sharing

mimik access is a private media sharing application available for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux. mimik access: 

  • Gives users absolute control on the media content they share (to whom and for how long)
  • Users control what content remain on their devices and what is transferred to other devices
  • Content can be shared on local WiFi networks with or without internet connectivity
  • Content can be shared directly between incompatible devices (for instance, iOS to Android, to, mac-OS, to Windows)
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