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get started with edgeEngine & edge microservices

learn the basics of mimik edge technology by setting up an introductory edge microservice.

the objective of this scenario is to demonstrate how to create a simple edge microservice. an edge microservice is one that is intended to run from a device such as a small computer, Raspberry Pi, a cell phone, a mobile tablet or an IoT device.

this scenario is divided into the following topics.

install the edgeEngine runtime in the Instruqt interactive learning environment and get it up and running.
install the mimik command line interface tool
create a mimik account in developer console or login to your existing mimik account

create new project in mimik developer consoler

create the developer ID token that you’ll be using throughout your programming activities.

associate the edge access to your mimik account.
associate the edge access to your mimik account
prepare for creating the edgeEngine Image and container for Hello World microservice.
Using the mimik-edge-cli tool, deploy the edgeEngine image

deploy the edgeEngine container that is based on the edgeEngine Image created in the previous lesson.

edgeEngine microservice that as deployed in the previous lesson

this scenario is completely interactive. the instructions you’ll be given will be executed directly in the terminal window that is embedded directly in the instruqt interactive learning environment.

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