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We offer identity services to enterprise customers. Now, it’s the best time to start adopting our hybrid edgeCloud.

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Our value proposition to developers

What does mimik platform identity service mean to you as a developer?

  • It activates the account clustering feature in mimik edge. All mimik edge enabled and authorized devices will automatically start discovering and organizing each other into account clusters, so that your application can start immediate direct cross platform and cross network data transfers between them using the built-in platform APIs.

  • It is necessary for a secure deployment of edge microservices to your application, so that only authorized microservices can be deployed.

  • It allows you to be platform ready when mimik identity service becomes one of the available options for web-based logins, so that your users can use it to login to other online services.

  • This is the only mimik account your application’s users have to create.

What does your application identity service provided by mimik mean to you as a developer?

  • It allows you to define granular access permissions for the mimik SaaS specifically deployed for your application, so that you can grant them to your users as needed.
  • It securely isolates the mimik SaaS deployed for your application from other platform users.
  • Access credentials for your application identity service provided by mimik are handled with a simple API call behind the scenes. Your users don’t have to create an account for it manually.

FAQs for your users

Q: Why is there a prompt to “Install mimik edge service” on Android OS?

A: Because mimik edge runs as a service on the Android platform, which allows it to securly serve all mimik edge enabled applications on the device.

Q: Why is there a “<YourApplication’sName> Wants to use to Sign In” security alert shown on iOS when users initiate the mimik authentication process?

A: This is part of Apple’s iOS security implementation and Apple doesn’t allow any customization at this time. Read more

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We have a team of world-class experts and a network of partners that can help you to do the right thing for your development team and your customers. Our range of services span from consultation of edge cloud transition strategy to microservices development and utilizing edgeSDK in your most beneficial way.

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