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for media distribution

mBeam is a mimik open source edge microservice that provides Restful APIs for streaming content among edge nodes. It’s been deployed and used in mimik’s access media sharing solution which you can download and install from access.mimik.com.

With mBeam, you don’t need to transfer your content to another computing or storage device. Instead, you can send a link from one edge node to another. The receiving node opens a link to stream the content from the source node where the content remains. As a result, there is no need to duplicate content across different cloud providers and social media; improving data privacy and communications latency and reducing reliance on third parties for content sharing.


for the internet of things

mIoT is an open source edge microservice that simplifies and enhances MQTT communications on IoT devices.

mIoT allows edgeSDK-powered edge devices to share MQTT payloads within or across different networks. Devices can subscribe or publish sensor data using MQTT which edgeSDK can capture via an MQTT bridge and transfer to other edge nodes through Restful API calls without other edge nodes having to pass the data through MQTT brokers in the cloud. This practice enables hyper-local experiences with low communications latency, and better privacy and security for all IoT devices.

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