Tutorials: Integrate to iOS - Swift


  1. Make sure you have the latest Xcode version installed.
  2. Setup and connect an iOS device to run applications from Xcode.

Important: Edge Cloud Engine cannot be used with iOS simulators, it needs real devices.

Step 1. Register your project

  1. Create your mimik developer account here or sign in to the mimik developer console, if you already have one.

Important: mimik developer account is required for application registration, platform authorization and microservice deployment.

  1. In the mimik developer console, click Create New Project.

  2. Enter a Project Name.

  3. Upload a logo image if you want to use your own Project Logo.

  4. Submit the form with the auto-generated Redirect URI or enter your own.

Important: Edge Cloud Engine uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and a redirect URI is necessary for the process. The standard format of redirect URI is com.<string>://<string>. You can learn more about it here.

Step 2. MIMIKEdgeMobileClient cocoapods installation

  1. The easiest way to integrate mimik edge to an iOS application is by adding a MIMIKEdgeMobileClient wrapper cocoapod to your project by following these installation instructions
  2. If you are not ready to develop your own edge microservices, feel free to use our open source edge microservices to get started.

Step 3. Start exploring examples

Soon we’ll be posting a series of ready made Swift project examples to get you started quickly.

Need more help?

Feel free to contact us on Stack Overflow or send us a question via our support page if you have any questions.

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