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Developer Account

  1. Create a mimik developer account here.
  2. Sign in to the mimik developer console.
  3. In the mimik developer console, click Create Project.
  4. Enter a Project Name.
  5. Upload a logo image if you want to use your own Project Logo.
  6. Submit the form with the auto-generated Redirect URI, or enter your own.

Important: edgeSDK uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and a redirect URI is necessary for this process. The standard format of a redirect URI is com.<string>://<string>. You can learn more about it here.


Authorize Platform

  1. Login from the developer console and click on Open OAuth Tool under Projects.

Important: This will launch the OAuth Tool you just installed.

  1. Select the edgeSDK project that you have created from previous step.
  2. Click Get edge Access Token and login again in the prompted session.
  3. Click Associate Device and edgeSDK should now be authenticated and authorized on your machine.

Important: The OAuth Tool provides you with edge access tokens, which allows you to deploy and run your edge microservices.


Integrating edgeSDK to any applications with edge microservices can be done by using mCM APIs.

To begin developing your own edgeSDK microservices, have a look at our edgeSDK Serverless APIs.

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