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mimik’s extensive library of microservices and business solutions are designed to work on any operating platform.

Industry Solutions

Explore mimik’s extensive library of industry solutions bundled for your development needs.

microservice Library
Can’t find a solution in our industry section? Our microservice library will have a solution that is right for you. Develop your own custom solution.
SDKs are compatible with

Identity Services

protect your customers identity

Peer Association  

Capability to manage friend searches and requests. 

Profile Service 

Create and manage end-user profiles. 


Provides Restful APIs for streaming content among edge  


Simplifies and enhances MQTT communications on IoT devices. 


Provides Restful APIs for streaming content among edge 

Log Aggregator 

Retrieves logs from different allowed microservices. 

Local Drive Assist 

Access to local files on device. 

Connected Media 

Discovery mechanism using friends notion. 

Media Access 

Enable private media sharing. 


Retrieve device information.  

Game Lobby 

Manage players gaming status. 

Model Share 

Provides Restful APIs for streaming content among edge nodes. 

Assessment Engine  

Manage surveys and assessments. 


Get information about all edge devices on the network. 

Messaging Manager  

Message managing system. 


Enable cross-platform capability. 


Provides a 2-way messaging between users. 


Create single-user or multi-user challenges. 

User Lists  

Creates a list of users associated with a specific user. 


Manage continuous content feeds. 

Dynamic Assessment 

Sends personalized content to a specific user profile.  


Record medical lab results with dates to track a patient’s health. 

Report Generator  

Generate custom reports. 

SNS Listener  

Transforms an event posted to an AWS topic into an API call for a specific microservic


Create an assessment or survey for Assessment Engine. 


Manage user events associated with specific activities. 

Task Assignment  

Assign tasks to specific users. 


Send notifications to a user via either email, SMS or push notifications. 


Cache files on device.  

Install EdgeCloud Engine and oAuth Tool to deploy microservices

Edge Cloud Engine

mimik’s platform used to build and integrate microservices.

Edge Cloud Engine

mimik’s platform used to build and integrate microservices.